Denture Repairs

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Broken Dentures

The main causes for denture repairs include:

  • They are ill-fitting, they may be loose, the acrylic is getting old and brittle
  • The mouth is always changing and yearly check-ups are important to safeguard against future breakage
  • Damage done by pets

If your denture requires a repair, it may be indicative of underlying problems, including age of the denture, worn teeth, old and brittle acrylic or poor fit. In Partial dentures the denture teeth are softer than regular teeth and are more prone to becoming cracked or chipped. Implant retained dentures are also prone to breakage since the implant is more stiffer since they are attached directly to the bone while natural teeth are attached to the bone by the periodontal ligaments which are more giving.

In these cases the dentures needs to be assessed by the denturist if it's repairable. Dentures that don't fit properly can cause irritation and sores in the mouth and on gums. Be sure to contact our office immediately if a denture breaks, cracks, chips, or if one of the teeth becomes loose. We will help explain how to prevent future breakage from occurring and our office can make the necessary adjustments or repairs.

Our office offers same day service on most dentures repairs. In most cases the denture can be restored back to its original state and at an affordable cost. Our onsite lab allows us to provide clients with efficient quality repairs on cracked or broken dentures.

It is important to keep and bring all the broken pieces of the denture with you to the appointment. It would be more cost effective and limit replacement materials. It is always better to have all the broken pieces to the denture, but do not worry if you do not, our lab we can still fix them.

Do not attempt to adjust or repair dentures yourself. Also if you have a metal frame on your dentures do not bend any part of the clasp or metal attachments yourself; doing so can weaken the metal structure. "Do-it-yourself" repair kits can permanently damage dentures and over-the-counter glues may contain harmful chemicals, and make it difficult for the lab to repair.

Consultations are free, booking can be made over the phone, and all walk-ins are welcome.

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